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Press Release

SCOO is renamed St.Cousair, Inc.

A simpler name as the company focuses on plans for expansion

December 21, 2018

Newberg, OR St. Cousair Co., Ltd. (HQ: Iizuna-machi, Nagano / CEO Ryota Kuze), a food manufacturing retailer in Japan, operating 150 nationwide shops under the private labels "St.Cousair" and "Kuze Fuku & Co.," announced today that at a meeting of the company's general shareholders and board of directors, that the name of the company's US subsidiary St.Cousair Oregon Orchards (Newberg, OR / President Naoki Kuze) would be changed to St.Cousair, Inc.

Background on Company Name Change

The decision to change the company name from St.Cousair Oregon Orchards to St.Cousair, Inc. was made not only with consideration for the company's presence in Oregon, but also for the company's vision of nationwide and global expansion and deployment. With this in mind, along with the need to clarify the company's objective as a professional maker of food and beverages, it was decided that simplifying the name of the company was best. St.Cousair prides itself in creating delicious, gourmet food and beverages, using locally farmed ingredients, and with the company's new brand, KUZE FUKU & SONS, will expand sales channels from our current target centered on the US west coast.

The history and future prospects of St.Cousair

With the cooperation of the JETRO main office and its office in Nagano, In March of 2015, Naoki Kuze, St.Cousair's director of overseas affairs, traveled to the West Coast of the United States to conduct market research in the areas of the retail and business food manufacturing industries.In April, 2017, St. Cousair acquired the assets of the former Berry Noir Co-packing, consisting of 30 acres of farmland and a 1000 sq.ft. food production facility for the production of compotes, jams, juices and dressings. The employees were in agreement with StCousair's management philosophy and decided to continue working.On April 29, 2017 (Japan time), executives of both Berry Noir and St. Cousair, as well as State Government representatives and officials from the Japanese Consulate in Portland, attended the signing ceremony and party for the agreement on the acquisition of Berry Noir’s assets. On May 1, St. Cousair held a ceremony to mark the beginning of production in the newly named facility, and the next day, production of food and beverages for sale in St.Cousair's retail stores in Japan began.In June of the same year, St.Cousair, Inc. began a steady lineup of products, including Fruit Vinegar Drinks, Blueberry Compote, jams and pasta sauces for sale in the company's retail stores in Japan. In June 2018, the company began sales under its own new brand, KUZE FUKU & SONS, and in September lauched the brand at Oyatsupan Bakers in Beaverton, OR, and Uwajimaya supermarkets in Beaverton and Bellevue, WA.The newly named St.Cousair, Inc. will strive to further increase its sales channels.

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