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Co-Packing Solutions

For Food Service

St. Cousair’ facility can serve business entities, such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. We can manufacture bulk orders of sauces, jams, drinks, soups, and other varieties of food and beverages.

And since St. Cousair is not just a food producer, but also well-known chain of select shops in Japan, we have a well-established network of Japanese food producers, and can also assist you to develop Japanese food products for your restaurant, cafe or other food service business. For further details on our network of Japanese producers, click here.

Our 26,000-square-foot production and distribution center in Newberg, Oregon is conveniently located near the port facilities of Portland, Oregon, from which we can ship orders for deliveries across the USA and around the world. St. Cousair's Newberg Facility is capable of accommodating large-scale trucking, storage, and freezing.

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