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"A Christian Company"

Core Values and Principles Inspired by the Bible

St. Cousair, like its parent company St. Cousair, is known among its employees and some customers and associates as "A Christian Company." To learn in detail how this came to pass, please read our story, The Apple Jam Miracle.

The bible in Japanese

In the early 1990s, when St. Cousair was going through its worst economic and financial difficulties, founder Ryozo Kuze was under an enormous amount of stress. His wife, Mayumi, who had become a Christian, read Bible verses to him in order to help calm him. The words he heard often soothed him right to sleep, which was exactly what he needed. Eventually, Ryozo himself became a Christian, and he decided to change the way he relates to family, friends and co-workers.

Ryozo had long been hot tempered and difficult to work with, but after becoming a Christian, he decided to make his company a place with a lively atmosphere, where everyone could feel good being there. Mayumi wrote new company core values and management principles, all of these based on the Bible and focused on mutual respect, caring, helping one another and forgiveness when things go wrong.

These core values and principles emphasize:

And other similar ideals.

These core values, while based on the Bible, do not specifically quote scripture, other than the mention of valuing the Golden Rule; do to others what you want them to do to you. St. Cousair continues the commitment to these values and principles.

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Social Responsibilty

St. Cousair, in accordance with its core values and principles, is committed to supporting local charitable, educational and healthcare institutions. For information on our charitable support, please click here.