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Quality Control

Ensuring That Your Brand Name Products are Safe

We at St. Cousair continuously strive to serve our customers, our business partners and the world by steadfastly producing high-quality, safe and delicious food, drinks and culinary ingredients. Our Quality Control efforts and practices include:

Bacteria Analysis Test conducted in our in-house lab to measure bacteria, sugar content, acidity, pH and other factors.

Production Line Metal Detector. Used to detect the presence of metal inside the production line jars or bottles, this state of the art equipment is just one example of our commitment to creating safe products for our clients.

Pointing and Calling Method, which originated in Japan, has been adopted by St. Cousair employees. Employees avoid miscommunication by pointing at an object and calling out status.

Sorting of fruits or ingredients. Employees work to remove unsatisfactory fruits or any foreign substances. Our staff are trained to select only the best fruit or ingredients which would meet quality requirements in Japan.

St.Cousair Quality Assurance Policy

We guarantee that our food is consistently safe from the farm to the family dining table.

Our first priority is to provide healthy, tasty, and safe food.

Our targeted goal is to be at the top of the world standards.

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