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Our Facility

Our Factory and Environs

St. Cousair Oregon Orchards operates from a 26,000-square-foot facility, capable of accommodating large-scale trucking, storage, and freezing. Our automated production line offers speeds capable of 100+ jars per minute, allowing us to produce upwards of 35,000 units per shift. With 6,000 square feet of processing space, we amply meet food production requirements. Our processing space includes FRP walls, sealed light fixtures, hands-free washing sinks, floor drains, and a 0.4 micron filtered, positive pressure, air system.

Factory Interior

Factory Interior

Our 7,000-square-foot warehouse includes a 20’x24’x10’ walk-in cooler and a 24’x60’x18’ walk-in freezer. Above our production floor is a 6,000 square foot, fully loadable mezzanine. In our 800-square-foot mechanical/boiler room we have a 200 HP Superior Boiler. We have a 20-horsepower stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump. Our 800-square-foot covered dock allows for efficient transfer of materials and has three adjustable dock plates to accommodate containers for international shipping.

Additionally, our facilities are surrounded by 30 acres of farmland.

Facility Data

Company Name St. Cousair Oregon Orchards, Inc.
Executive Director Naoki Kuze
Address 8951 NE St. Paul Hwy
Newberg, Oregon 97132
Tel. (503) 538-2929
Fax (503) 538-1992
Lot Size 30 acres (36,725 tsubo)
Factory Data Factory building 3,300m2
1 line
4 filling machines
Up to 45,000 units produced per day
Number of Employees 24
(president, 3 staff, 6 local office staff, 14 line workers)
Production Scale Up to 2.2 million units per year
Producible Goods jams, fruit sauces, drinks, fruit syrups, BBQ sauces, smoothies, dressings, pasta sauces

Licenses and Permits: