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How We Create Your Product

For Private Label Brands & Food Service

St. Cousair has experience in developing over 1,000 products, so we can create recipes and find the right ingredients for your Private Brand or Food Service. Here is how we do it...

1. Meeting

Let us know what you have in mind. We can sit down and discuss the product concept, specifications, recipe, ingredients, container, label, and any other important details.

2. Kitchen Samples

Our product development team will make a small portion of samples based on the concepts, specifications and recipe and other factors discussed at the meeting.

3. Test Production

If you are pleased with the kitchen samples, we will proceed to test mass production at our Oregon factory. You are welcome to visit our production site during test production.

4. Delivery

Once you are satisfied with the test production and all other requirements, your products are ready to deliver to you or your customers.

Our 26,000-square-foot production and distribution center in Newberg, Oregon is conveniently located near the port facilities of Portland, Oregon, from which we can ship orders for deliveries across the USA and around the world. St. Cousair's Newberg Facility is capable of accommodating large-scale trucking, storage, and freezing.

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For other inquiries, or to arrange a meeting with us, please contact us at (503)538-2929 or email us at

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