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Kuze Fuku & Co.

The Japanese Gourmet Store

Kuze Fuku & Co., known as “the Japanese Gourmet Store,” is St. Cousair's Japanese food brand. Kuze Fuku & Co. stores are the go-to places for authentic, old-world Japanese cuisine and culinary items. This retail brand, with 70 store locations throughout Japan, is the result of the creation of a broad network of regional food and beverage producers, specializing in traditional Japanese cuisine.

Kuze Fuku & Co. strives to gather the best and most savory food from all over Japan. Utilizing traditional fermenting and brewing methods practiced in Japan for over a thousand years, the hope is to bring old-world Japanese cuisine to the modern world.

Kuze Fuku & Co's more than 2,000 products, including broths, condiments, frozen foods, sweets, kitchen utensils and others, are developed by proud regional producers beloved in their local markets in the Japanese countryside. Kuze Fuku & Co. works with these culinary masters to bring their creations to customers throughout Japan and around the world.

Kuze Fuku & Co.'s Network of Regional Makers

Since St. Cousair is well-known not only as a food producer, but also for its Kuze Fuku & Co. select shops, our buyers have wide networks of more than 250 regional food producers based all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. If you are considering the development of a Japanese food brand or food service, St. Cousair can assist you to create the Japanese food you are looking for, taking advantage of our network of Japanese traditional food makers. Visit the Kuze Fuku & Co. website for more information.

Kuze Fuku & Co. Recipes

Take a look at some of the recipes that you can follow for home cooking using Kuze Fuku & Co. or St. Cousair brand name products. These recipes include instructional videos, along with a complete and detailed list of needed ingredients. The recipes are quick and easy to prepare!

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