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How We Do It

How We Create Your Product

St. Cousair has 40 years of experience in developing thousands of products, with the know-how and expertise both in Business to Business and end-user and customer relations. We can create recipes and find the right ingredients to bring your food or beverage ideas to your customer's dining table. Here is how we do it:

Product Development Meeting

Let us know what you have in mind. We can sit down and discuss the product concept, specifications, recipe, ingredients, container, label, and any other important details. Our skilled experts have the flexibility and creative thinking to fulfill just about any need our clients have.

Creation of Kitchen Samples

Our product development team will make a small portion of samples based on the concepts, specifications, recipe and other factors discussed at the Product Development Meeting. We will find creative ways to produce your product in a way that is both economical and suitable for mass-production, while maintaining its preferred objectives and content.

Wide Selection of Packaging Options

St. Cousair specializes in co-packing in glass jars and bottles, as well as plastic jugs for food service.

Test Production

Once you are pleased with the kitchen samples, we will proceed to test mass-production at our Oregon facility. You are welcome to visit our production site during test production, where you can get a first-hand look at your product ideas becoming a reality.

Label Compliance Support

St. Cousair's team of experts will provide you with all you need to ensure that your product labels are in compliance with local and national regulations, including nutrition facts, ingredient statements and all required details to ensure your customers that the product is genuine and reliable.

Begin mass-production

When you are satisfied with the test production and all other requirements, we then begin mass-production of your products.

Your Product is Ready

On successful completion of mass-production, your product, taken from your dream to reality, is finally ready for pick-up.

Make your Product Dreams a Reality!

We can bring to life your imagination and inspiration. Our team is ready to begin producing your product, whether large or small. To get started, contact us and we can make it happen!

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