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New product ideas made a reality

In our passion to craft the best food possible, Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do. Our team of specialists are constantly searching for new and better ways to create delicious, wholesome and safely produced foods and beverages. Every step of the process, from initial product development to final production demands imagination, inspiration and innovation in order to make your product dreams a reality.

Product Concept Development

Our team of experts begin creating new products and help your ideas come to life using the following time-honored steps:

  • Idea Brainstorming
  • Research & Development
  • Creation of test samples
  • Development of a prototype

Research & Development

St. Cousair's experienced professionals are constantly keeping track of current market trends and devising creative strategies to make your product a popular and long-standing top choice for your customers. We conduct multiple tests in our kitchen to come up with the best flavors from preferred high-quality ingredients. In our Sensory Lab, we judge the look, taste, aroma, texture and other aspects of the senses your customers will experience when using your product.

Quality Assessment

Our Quality Control specialists then conduct shelf-life tests, along with tests to detect allergens, microbiological activity, and other tests to determine the safety and content of your product.

In-house scientific testing
  • pH
  • Brix
  • Water Activity
  • Microbiological activity
  • Allergen
  • Gluten-free
  • Coliform
  • Yeast & Mold
  • Aerobic Plate Count
  • Vacuum, torque and other factors

In-house support for labeling compliance

St. Cousair's in-house labeling support experts will help ensure that your product's contents are accurately described on your product labels. Our expertise includes labeling capabilities such as:

  • Ingredients
  • Calorie content
  • Organic & Gluten-free labeling
  • Compliance with local and federal labeling requirements

We understand the challenges of maintaining compliance when faced with ever-changing regulations. Because we do this for you in-house, you need not seek the expertise of a third-party service, thus making the process of bringing your product to market smoother and more efficient.


Our food production facility is USDA, FDA, HACCP, GMP, Organic, and Gluten-Free certified. Our professional team is trained in good food production practices, quality control, packaging, and end-user/customer relations. The entire process of bringing your product to reality is conducted in adherence to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.

Glass & Plastic Jug Specialization

St. Cousair's facility is well-prepared for co-packing foods and beverages in glass bottles or jars for retail, and in plastic jugs for food service. We can also pack in plastic bottles.

Let our innovation and inspiration work for you!

Our team is ready to make your product ideas come to life. To get started, contact us and we can make it happen!

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