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Research & Development

A Passion for Creating Delicious Food, In-House

St. Cousair boasts its own in-house Research and Development lab and specialists, ready to find the best solutions to bring your product ideas to your customer's dinner table. With over 40 years of first-hand product development experience, creating new and innovative products is at the soul of our team. We can take your food or beverage ideas, apply our scientific knowledge and expertise, and craft your food or beverage into a delicious product for both large and small-scale mass-production. And since this is all done in-house, it is more effective, more convenient, and results in a far superior product for your customers.

The one-stop shop for your Co-Packing needs

Unlike other co-packing service providers, St. Cousair has its own in-house Research & Development facility, staffed with experts with four decades of knowledge in product development. There is no need to out-source your product development requirements. And since it is done by the very same people who will be mass-producing your product, it means a better tasting food or beverage, with a faster production schedule and more efficiency.

Innovation in our Souls

In all that we do, we put our hearts and souls into innovation. Creating new and original solutions to meet your co-packing needs is our primary desire. We draw on our team’s hands-on experience, history of product development, and direct customer relations to produce the best and most delicious products available.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

St. Cousair’s team of experienced professionals have the flexibility to meet your co-packing needs. Our R&D staff will devise formulas and create solutions that preserve the delicious flavor of your original recipe, and utilize your preferred sources of ingredients, all while adhering to all federal and local regulations. And with a low Minimum Order Quantity, we are ready to provide for any customer’s product requirements, both new and well-established.

Let Our Innovative Spirit Work for You!

Our team is standing by, ready to bring your product from your imagination to your customer's table. We can make it happen! Contact us today!

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