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Our Beliefs

Business Management based on the Golden Rule

St. Cousair's Core Values and Management Philosophy emphasize the following principles:

And other similar ideals. St. Cousair's team also believes in the value of giving back when blessed with abundance, and we provide charitable support for a number of local institutions.

The company Core Values and Management Philosophy were written in 2002 by Mayumi Kuze, with the intent of creating a working environment focused on mutual respect, caring, helping one another and forgiveness when things go wrong. Today, these ideals are what guide every effort, decision, partnership and goal at St. Cousair.

Do unto others

St. Cousair's team constantly seeks to create a rich, mature work culture, in which people respect each other's differences and contribute to realizing a comfortable and pleasant society.

Striving for self-improvement

St. Cousair's team is constantly striving to find new ways of self improvement through humility and sincerity. This mindset helps keep our professionals focused on the wishes of our clients and makes them more flexible to the clients' needs.

Teamwork with mutual appreciation for each other

Both among our team members and between us and our clients, mutual appreciation and respect is key. This leads to good business practices and, in the end, a better product for our customers.

Giving back to the Community

St. Cousair believes in giving back when blessed with abundance, providing charitable support to various local institutions:

  • George Fox University
  • Providence Newberg Medical Center
  • Support for local churches

We also provide support for international charity efforts. St. Cousair continues to produce an assortment of Charity Jams and Sauces to benefit the Mwangaza Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization with the mission of providing support in the form of shelter, food, water, education, medical care and love to orphaned and vulnerable children in southern Tanzania.

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