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Who We Serve

Solutions to suit your business needs

If you have an original product idea or recipe currently with a growing market demand, or have specific requirements for ingredients, or have an already established product and are looking for a better co-packing option, St. Cousair can help you. We have over forty years of product development, recipe creation, and manufacturing experience, plus a high standard of quality and excellence, so you can feel confident in our experts’ ability to successfully develop and produce their products, freeing up more time for you to focus on the growth of your business.

Production for Farm Stand Products

Some of our co-packing partners are local family-owned farms and businesses, with family-created original recipes for products sold at farm stands using their own freshly grown ingredients. Our product development team will take up any challenge, adapting your original recipe and preference of ingredients to compatibility with the requirements of mass-production.

Low Minimum Order Quantity to support Start-ups

Start-up businesses with unique, new product ideas often do not have the means to adapt to the high Minimum Order Quantities of many co-packing services. Fortunately, St. Cousair maintains a low Minimum Order Quantity, well-suited for small business and start-ups to get their new product ideas off the ground.

Expertise to Upscale your product to larger distribution

Do you have an already established retail product and wish to move up to a level of higher distribution? St. Cousair can take care of the production of your product for you, and with easy access to national distribution points, we can get your product to more and more customers nationwide.

Capable of immediately taking up new production

Dissatisfied with your current co-packer? St. Cousair can help you get back on the right track. We are capable of quickly and smoothly undertaking product development and production tasks done by previous co-packers so that your product can get to your customers without interruption.

Give us a try!

We can adapt to your co-packing needs, and are dedicated to making your product dreams a reality. To get started, contact us and we can make it happen!

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