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Our People

The Men and Women Who Make Your Food

St. Cousair Oregon Orchards is blessed with an experienced staff capable of handling a broad array of products and processes. On acquisition on the facility, St. Cousair Oregon Orchards kept the existing staff in place, allowing production under their expertise to proceed from day one.

Naoki Kuze

Executive Director

For the past three years, Naoki has led the effort to take St. Cousair Co., Inc. international, traveling to the west coast of the US to immediately begin researching and seeking out a suitable manufacturing facility to produce food for export to Japan. The result of his efforts, together with the cooperation of many others, is the successful acquisition of Berry Noir Co-Packing and smooth transition of the company to the newly formed St. Cousair Oregon Orchards.

Naoki is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, where he studied Viticulture and Enology. He began working at St. Cousair in 2004, where he oversaw product sales and headed up operations at the winery, restaurant and shop in Iizuna. His experience there prepared him for his current tasks, and he is determined to make the company a success!

Charles Cox

Vice President

Charles Cox, together with his wife, Monica, brings 30 years of commercial food experience to all the details of food production: ingredient requirements, recipe development, equipment design, process planning, and packaging needs. Charles' management experience extends beyond Berry Noir Co-Packing. Charles served as mayor of the City of Newberg from 1998 to 2002. In 2002, the City of Newberg named him Citizen of the Year.

Monica Cox

Vice President

Monica offers many years of expertise in food production, spanning multiple different areas, but with a specialty in business operations and finance. An Oregon State University graduate with a degree in business, Monica also serves as a member of the Providence Newberg Hospital Board.

Yasukazu Yamada

Vice President

Yasukazu began working at St. Cousair in Nagano in 1996, and most recently headed the company's product development department. At SCOO, he continues to lend his expertise in the development of new products for export to Japan and for sale in the US.

Toribio Urbina

Production Operations Manager

Toribio has more than 20 years’ experience in food production, and has overseen the growth of the company's kitchen from 10 jars a minute up to our current capacity of 100+ jars a minute. Bilingual and thoroughly acquainted with food manufacture, Toribio leads our production floor team through a broad array of products and processes.

Takuya Maseki

Director of Purchasing & Product Development

Minh-Thu Luu

Director of Quality Control

Shintaro Miyano

Director of Production Control,
Logistics & Warehouse Management

Naomi Sheehan

Production Control Manager

Kenji Miyakoshi

Plant Director

Miki Hasegawa

Assistant Director of Quality Control

Eimi Urbina

Quality Control Technician

St. Cousair Oregon Orchards boasts a skilled workforce capable of producing high-quality food and beverages.